Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Andean Trail

#2 on my list is to visit Machu Picchu 
I remember seeing pictures of this lost city of the Incas while flipping through the National Geographic Magazines in our town library as a young girl and later on watching the History Channel programs on the Inca Empire - and while I admittedly put it on The List I never really thought it would be something I would be seeing anytime in the near future. 

Fast forward to December 31st 2010, when Rohit and I were making our New Years resolutions, on a whim we put visiting Peru on there (Sidenote: If I'm on it and completely committed I usually only manage to complete about a quarter of my resolutions so I wasn't entirely certain we'd manage to visit but I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping like crazy!). 

Peru - Why yes, I need to get my US Drivers license and Rohit gave up writing his resolutions after 4! 
However, in August of this year, it somehow all came together and Rohit and I planned, crossed our fingers and toes, planned some more and got on a flight to magical Peru. 

Machu Picchu: 16-17 Aug 2011: So happy! Also, while there wasn't much to be scared of, I was terrified sitting on the edge of this rock! 
I'll be back with more pics and stories from the trip over the next few days.

"In the variety of its charms and the power of its spell, I know of no place in the world which can compare with it. Not only has it great snow peaks looming above the clouds more than two miles overhead, gigantic precipices of many-colored granite rising sheer for thousands of feet above the foaming, glistening, roaring rapids; it has also, in striking contrast, orchids and tree ferns, the delectable beauty of luxurious vegetation, and the mysterious witchery of the jungle." - Hiram Bingham


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