Our Wedding

I know almost every girl loves her wedding day and I am no different.
Rohit and I got married on the 27th of November 2009, while the wedding itself was perfect what made our day was the fact that nearly all our family and most of our friends were present - we felt sincerely blessed and I think absolutely nothing could have ruined our day!

Our First Dance
Rohit and I come from different parts of India and we really wanted our wedding to respect both families' traditions. In true Indian wedding style we had three days and nights of functions, food and fun! 

To start with on the 25th we had our ring or engagement ceremony. We also included the Sangeet (A musical and dance night), Chunri Chadana (A ceremony where a bride's in-laws dress her up) and Tilak (A ceremony for the boy where the girls family formally welcomes him) on the same night.

At the Engagement Ceremony

The 26th morning had the Mehendi ceremony and Lunch.

The 26th night was the formal reception with the Jaimaal (The exchanging of garlands).

Being escorted to the Pavilion under a 'Blanket of Flowers' by family and friends
The 27th morning (finally!) was the traditional South Indian wedding!