Sunday, January 13, 2013

Berkeley and Monterey Bay

Karin and Rohit
I am averaging about a post every 6 months which is ridiculous and I still have not come up with a credible excuse as to why that is the case!
Last summer, Rohit and I visited Karin in Berkeley and drove down to Monterey Bay as well. Can I just say the West coast is stunning. Its beautiful, the weather is perfect and the people are so happy. I love living in NY but if I had to move to another city in the States - hands down SFO would be it!
Below are some pics from our short 3 day vacation, if you'd like to see.

Our first stop was the Muir Woods National Park. I am constantly impressed with the diverse topography and flora in the US and Muir Woods are a perfect example of that.

Sisters from the same mister! (Ignore me.)

So majestic! Aren't trees the best?

En route to Monterey on Karin's reccomendation we stopped by at Half Moon Bay for a late lunch. I would recommend it - both the lunch and the view!

These two could be twins!

At our hotel in Monterey

Harbor Seals! I love the one scratching its ear (?)

On the way to Big Sur - literally every bend had a picturesque view!

Waterfall at Big Sur


On the way back we stopped at Ventana for a quick bite. The Hummus was to.die.for.


Steinbeck's town

Music on the patio at First Awakenings with Ellie the sweet rescue


Just a cat in a window!

Beautiful Berkeley
We had a lovely time and I cannot wait to return!

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