Monday, December 10, 2012

Maine: Sunrises, Beaches and Lighthouses

In April of this year, we visited Bar Harbor, Maine with a couple of friends of ours -N and P. My sister started her undergrad in Colby, Maine almost a decade ago and I never got the chance to visit her; so I do not exaggerate when I say I have been wanting to visit the State forever! :)

We drove down from Portland to Bar Harbor and en route stopped by at Pemaquid Point. We spent a about an hour or so there but I could easily imagine making a day of it with a picnic and the company of family or friends. These pics don't do the place justice but Maine was just so beautiful, crisp and the very essence of what New England is made out to be!

We ended up following parts of the itinerary of this couple and if you are planning a trip to Maine, I would recommend reading through their detailed and lively journal. Moving on, we drove to Camden State Park to see the sunset but got there a little too early. So despite playing a few games of charades, it started getting late and we decided to skip the sunset (whomp whomp) consoling ourselves with the notion that the reason why Bar Harbor is so famous is because of its sunrises not sunsets - right?!

We woke up early depsite a late night just catch the sunrise the next morning and Bar harbor did not disappoint. Well played Mother Nature, well played.
This was the view from outside our rooms at the Bar Harbor Inn - which gets two thumbs ups from me!

Day 2 also included a visit to Sand Beach and the Great Head trail.

Umm. That view = Unforgettable.

Drift wood at the never ending trail around Jordan Park. It was beautiful but I think we were misinformed of the circumfrance of that lake.

Us :)
 Things we saw and loved:

1) Pemaquid Point
2) Camden Hills State Park
3) Jordan Pond was nice (but walk around the pond MUCH longer than we expected but still really nice)
4) Bass Harbor lighthouse
5) Town of Castine
6) and of course Sand Beach at Acadia.

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