Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A frayed knot!

I love looking through the pages of design*sponge, the site never fails to inspire me. Everyone on there is so creative and all of them have such beautiful homes! Coming from a Naval background, the study in our home always had a charming, nautical theme, so when I saw this tutorial on the site, I had to try it out.

I used 12 ft of 3/4' sisal rope and the people at the hardware store were very curious as to why I wanted it!

I broadly followed the instructions and tutorials on the website but didn't stuff the knot with anything. I am just using it to add some texture to a corner of our living room and didn't want to complicate the already slightly difficult knot. It took me a couple of tries (and a few rope splinters!) and I improvised a little with the knot but am happy with the results. I think I tightened it fairly hard and am hoping it stays, but at worst, I can always do it again!

Here it is sitting pretty atop some books -

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