Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Weekend: The Kids are more than all right

We had a lovely, packed  weekend.

Friday night, we spent with a couple of friends of ours at dinner and a movie (now that I think about it, we tend to do that a lot!).
We saw the film, 'The kids are all right'. I thought it was a good movie - bittersweet, heartwarming and funny with remarkable performances from the entire cast. I really liked both Annette Benning and Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo is pretty stellar in the movie as well.

Apart from a few plays in school and college, I haven't really acted, but I often feel its hardest to "act" normal, to play real people ... and that's probably why I really enjoyed watching this one. I think the cast uniformly played flawed, vulnerable, real people so well.

The kids are alright

Saturday we played a little golf at the Pitch and Putt in Flushing, Queens. I wish I was better at the game I really love it, I guess it comes with practice (like nearly everything else!). In  the evening we met up with some friends for dinner at this lovely Mediterranean restaurant on the Upper West Side. We had Sangrias and I had a Turkish pizza. I love thin crust pizzas and this vegetarian fellow had me at hello!

Sangria! :)

Turkish Pizza

Sunday, we lazed around mostly, walked through a street market on Broadway and then headed to Riverside Park in the evening. We ended up having an early dinner at Sura, a Thai place - the decor was charming and modern, service friendly and the food was good, reasonably priced and served quickly!

Spices at the Street Market
I loved the colors on this pendant

The Hudson River - Riverside Park

Riverside Park

Sura Thai Urban Kitchen

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