Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A tale of two countries

Rohit and I moved into our first home (rented - we are a while away from being home owners) together in December of '09. Our place is a combination of both our sensibilities with a little bit of my sister's and mother's ideas thrown in. I am not certain if we are allowed to paint any walls (which reminds me, I should find out about that!) but I have tried to make up for lack of wall color with accessories and art work.

We were really lucky to find so much space in Manhattan and I love our home - its our oasis in this large, lively, noisy city. I think (and hope) we have managed to capture a little bit of India in the States. A lot of the art and the carpet (!) were gifts from our wedding (We are incredibly lucky to have friends and family with such great taste :D).

Here are some before and after pictures of our Living room (I apologize for the blurry before pic). The bedroom is still a work in progress, but will post pictures once it is done.



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Captain's Corner said...

Dear Shreya,Happy Ugadi and all the very best.I got the details of ur blog from Gir this morning.The house looks lovely.Great show.