Friday, August 27, 2010

Tied down and thrifty

Tuesday, the 24th of August was Raksha Bandhan, an Indian festival which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan, which literally translates to the bond of protection is cemented by the sister tying a thread on her brother's wrist. While history is replete with legends and stories of the festival one of the more popular ones that is often retold is that of Queen Karmavati of Mewar; her kingdom was under seige from from Bahadur Shah and unable to fight the army the Queen sent a Rakhi to Emperor Humayun (they were not related), who ignored the more practical advice of his counselors and went to Mewar to defend the Queen and restore her back the kingdom.

The Rakhis
Karin my younger sister was here, so she tied a Rakhi on Rohit's wrist (as well as a couple of Rakhi's on behalf of his sibling Ria and his cousin sisters in India and Australia!) and the three of us went out for a little family dinner to Bhatti Indian grill.

Karin & Rohit
On a side note, I have never really shopped at a thrift store, I am one of those extremely unlucky people who never finds anything good (I have had the worst luck on ebay and craigslist as well!), but the other day while we were walking to dinner, we passed by this vintage, non profit, thrift store and my sister found this lovely embroidered silk cushion cover for a steal! (Picture me doing a cheesy happy dance!) After a LONG soak in mild detergent and a good wash, its now sitting pretty on our bed. The colors make me so happy!

Thrift Store find

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