Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eye Chart Art

If I knew a doctor's visit could prove to be such a design inspiration, I'd probably avoid them less!
These Eye Chart inspired posters and items are so cool, and seem relatively easy to DIY. When things are less crazy, I'm going to try my hand at that cushion cover.
You can make your own eye chart here.

via Apartment Therapy
via Cool Material
via Kara Paslay
via Nibs
via fiveftfour
via Artful Home

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ks said...

woah. so many posts while i was away i have to catch up on my blog reading :D. uh dude. i need to broach a delicate matter. i know like you started a new job and are training 9-6 in chicago and stuff. but um wheres my package? tee hee. joking.