Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All About My Mother

# 39 on my List is to watch all of the Oscar winners for Best Foreign Film from 1980 till present.

I saw 'All about my Mother' (Todo Sobre Mi Madre, Spain, 1999) last weekend.

It was a beautiful movie - a highly emotional journey of loss, grief, comedy, friendship, family and love. A tale of women supporting each other through life, and as it so often happens, the absurd tragedies it brings. Almodovar has a gift for writing women's roles; and in this tribute to women, each one of the female characters in the film (including the drag queen) is so effortlessly real, tender, vulnerable and full of grace.  
I though La Agrado (Antonia San Juan) and Huma Rojo (Marisa Paredes) were incredible but the movie belongs to Manuela (Cecilia Roth) who infuses the film with warmth and heart.

On a partially related note, I am eventually going to finish Mansfield Park but have sort of (willingly!) got side tracked by The English Patient which has me transported into a world I don't want to leave just yet. Also, Fanny Price in Mansfield Park, unfortunately, has to be my least favorite Jane Austen heroine. 

p.s. I just realized I'm halfway through #39! (yaaaay!)

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