Friday, December 31, 2010

Put a wreath on it

This post is a little late in the day but I think as the prehistoric saying goes, better late than never!

I wanted to make a wreath for winter and on browsing found so many wonderful inspiration pics -

via i plan it right 

I loved the idea of a yarn wreath so here's what I did -
Step 1: I took a ready made foam ring and wrapped a long strip of batting around it so that it would be a little plush.
Step 2: I had some oatmeal colored yarn that I wrapped painstakingly around the wreath.
(Sidenote: This step took forever and a day and if I ever do this again, I'm DEFINITELY going to use a much thicker yarn - and take a picture of the process)
Step 3: Then to hide my mistakes (!) and jazz it up a bit I wrapped a ribbon intermittently around the wreath

Step 4: I then used a tutorial that I found online to make the felt roses that I simply super glued to the yarn

All done! :)

Second Side Note: Because its white I do think it looks a little too angelic but our home is almost entirely a warm palette and with the green and red tree beside it, I think it goes okay.

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