Monday, January 3, 2011

Amanda Blake

I really want to start painting again. Have I mentioned that I paint a little? I don't think I'm very good but I enjoy it so much; when I can find the time and I do get to paint, I cannot describe how I feel, that first touch of brush to a blank stark canvas, the paint forming smooth trails that tell its own story ... its bliss.
Things have been so busy, I just don't know how to take time out for it, but I want to soon and will!
However, in the meantime, I'm using this blog to record work by some artists that I love, speaking of which these paintings by Amanda Blake are lovely.

nigel and lily embracing at sea
the butterflies gathered around to protect them from the night

they waited for the stars to tell them what came next

they drifted through the sea in a boat made of stars
So Magical.

Images via Amanda Blake 

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