Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Year in Photographs: Days 38 through 43

 This is a magnet that has been residing on our fridge for a few years now. My sister Karin and I were once walking outside the Met and this artist was selling magnets of his paintings and called this one, 'The Two Mad Sisters' - We loved it!
I've been spending a lot of time at office lately so it seemed only right that it get its own day.
 My completed puzzle!

 For Valentines day - this is my mangalsutra, a symbol of marriage.
 Walking in the village area is always fun, I loved this Lord of the Rings Chess set!

I am pretty sure I have Acrophobia, so this little bridge that connects the roofs of these two buildings had me freaking out a bit!

Today is Rohit's mother's birthday so a very happy birthday to my dearest mother in law :)


ks said...

i <3 the close up of puzzle, sky with buildings, bench with snows :D.

Shreya said...