Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Year in Photographs: Day 55 through 60

I've started carrying my camera (whenever I remember to do so!) so that I can capture things other than random stuff around the home! Carnegie Construction Crane (I couldn't resist the alliteration!) 

New York City is full of such charming fire escapes - so pretty!

I have no idea what building this is, I always call it the wannabe flat iron building!

Date Night Dessert - Weekend dinners out are date nights! Recently Rohit and I realized we were frequenting  all the same places so we decided to visit a new restaurant every time we go out. This was an Apple and Nutella chocolate cake at this little Italian place on 10th Ave - deelish.

Looking up in New York City, this is pretty often the view!

A gift card from Anthropologie from S - I am yet to use it, but love the little cloth case it comes in - Puts a smile on my face :)


ks said...

hanh. uses it. or i uses it. :D :D.

Shreya said...

haha :D We can use it together when you get here?