Friday, March 18, 2011

A Year in Photographs: Days 71 through 77

The queue outside the Apple Store ... this was just at the front end of it, the line went down the whole length of the avenue - and just in case you're wondering, we weren't part of it.

 Central Park (Sigh!) always gorgeous.

 Haha! We got this in the mail - 'A gift of beauty awaits you' - I love the mystery and corniness of it ... unfortunately I didn't quite use it!

 The 15th is my birthday - The bright red scarf on the statue put a smile on my face!

I had to work through the 15th (literally through the entire day, I got off work a little after midnight) so Rohit and I celebrated with a small dinner on the 16th at Spice Market - loved it! I also cut a cake (it's in italics, because I actually cut a banana pudding from Magnolia's!) over the weekend with friends :) I celebrate nearly everything, but for some reason  like to have understated birthday celebrations for my own birthday - I'm not certain why!

 The Guggenheim.

Leaving tonight for India ... SO excited - can't contain enthusiasm. I just wish Rohit was coming along with me, but aside from that one dark cloud, its all silver lining!


ks said...

pls send us the india pics! doesn't the "gift of beauty awaits you" look like rohit's handwriting ha haaaaaa. love it. save the coupon for meeeeeeees.
byebye. <3 the picture of books. you havent posted in nearly a month!!!!! :( :( :(. hi.

Shreya said...

hahah :D will post soon, am backdating some of my posts though because else I have too many photographs! I've also restarted Mansfield Park and am liking it a little better this time around, but still not my favorite JA novel! Also in the market for a nice 1000 piece puzzle :) Let me know if you see anything fun! <3