Thursday, March 31, 2011

A year in Photographs: Days 78 through 89

At the Abu Dhabi airport trying out one of my new lenses that Rohit got me!

At the International Airport in New Delhi. Home!

This talented musician at Dili Haat.


These lovely zardori coasters I was gifted. So pretty!

I still haven't completely mastered photoshop - But I'm trying!

Tandoori Rotis fresh from the oven!

Brothers. (On my way to Coonoor from Delhi)

Larisa. She is the sweetest thing ever. I love her with all my heart.

Sunrise from my parent's house. How I loved waking up to this every morning.

Polka. She's adorable and terrified of the camera - the second after I took this picture, she jumped up and scampered away!
This lovely, charming old ambassador at King's Cliff in Ooty.

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ks said...

put more pics of the doggitties :)