Sunday, April 29, 2012

NOLA Part 2 of 2

Picking up, where I left off - Rohit and I managed to visit two plantations while we were in New Orleans.

One was a creole plantation (Laura Plantation) and the other was Oak Alley Plantation. I was a little apprehensive going out there but I am glad we made the trip. 
Laura Plantation

I thought the Laura plantation was beautiful and the guide (the present owner) was very knowledgeable, straightforward and educated us on both the history of the plantation and touched upon the aspects of slavery with honesty and humility. The tour is based on The Memoirs of Laura, which recount a detailed account of 200 years of life on the farm written by the planters daughter Laura Locoul Gore. What interested me most was that the sugar plantation was run by four generations of Creole women until 1891, when Laura sold it to Aubert Waguespack.
Oak Alley was stunning as well and beautifully maintained; our guides largely focused on the history of the plantation, its owners and the economics and trade of the crop.
It depends on what you want from the journey, but I would definitely recommend visiting the creole plantation.


The slave quarters, within which workers continued to live in until the 70s is the primary reason for its historical significance

The stunning Oak Alley Plantation - named for the double row of live oaks that line the path to its entrance

The Oaks were magnificent

I loved New Orleans and we hope to go back again some day soon. It has so much charm and a sense of history and is simply beautiful.


Gratuous picture of us :)

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