Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No Man's Land

# 39 on my List is to watch all of the Oscar winners for Best Foreign Film from 1980 till present.

Rohit and I saw No Man's Land (Ničija zemlja, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2001) a couple of weeks ago.

I know there has been a whole tide of movies exposing the absurdity and utter futility of war regardless of how justifiable it may be and No Man's Land is part of that genre - but just when you think you know how the movie is about to develop the director, Tanovic, douses all your optimistic expectations with cold, harsh reality.

The film is about three men trapped in a trench in No Man's land between Serbian and Bosnian lines. The trench becomes a microcosm of the Serbia-Bosnian conflict and the exchanges and relationship between the three men is so compelling and honest that it is at times difficult to watch. The other part of the film highlights the impotence of the United Nations and the conceit of the omnipresent media which is in equal parts frustrating and sad.

Darkly satirical, the film is intelligent and ferocious and I think an important one for our generation and the ones ahead to watch. 

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