Sunday, February 10, 2013

On My Bookshelf

A young girl reading - Fragonard

A History of Love
Nicole Krauss

It's tough to write an opinion about a book or a movie without giving too much away. However, briefly (and inadequately) this book is about the eccentric and extremely lonely Leo Gursky, a man who drops his pocket change in stores just so that people will notice him; it is about Alma Singer, an awkward, sweet and complex 14 year old  who is obsessed with the idea of survival and Zvi Litvinoff, an insecure intellectual who publishes a novel to feel deserving of his wife's love. This book is the individual journey each of these characters make and how their paths meet.
Funny, beautiful, sad and quirky, I read this book on our trip to Peru and it was the perfect read for that journey.

Like Water for Chocolate 
Laura Esquivel
This book came recommended by my sister Karin and as such I had high expectations from the get go. Like Water for Chocolate met each one of them. Uniquely written, it is a magical tale of family, tradition, fate and love. Intense, provocative and heartbreaking all at the same time, it was a poetic read that I love to go back to often.

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