Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jumping at the Chance

I love making To Do lists with activities ranging from the mundane to the tedious and enjoy crossing out items once completed. I get a disproportionate sense of satisfaction from writing something like ‘Eat more broccoli today’ and then actually doing it! I keep the old lists and sometimes read through them simply because they are such a good representation of what my day looked like!
However, there’s one list that I have made and it is probably my favorite, its what most would call a Bucket list but I prefer To Do list; the former has this air of finality and urgency to it that scares me! I have yet to cross out most of the items and while I started on it some months ago, I really wanted to document the process and my adventures - enter this blog.
# 16 on my list is to go Skydiving! And I did it a little over a year ago. It was completely spontaneous, unpremeditated (I literally said yes before I even heard, Rohit, my then-boyfriend-now-husband finish his sentence!) and I think that very fact didn’t give me the chance to chicken out!

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