Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art wall inspiration

Having moved around nearly all my life (I don't think I've ever called a place home for more than two years!) and after over 8 months in the same space, I am aching to change things around at home!

On my hit list is the wall behind the couch. Its nice, but I want something a little less symmetrical and even. I still haven't decided, if it will look too heavy, or be too much of a forced separation of space and I'm just not sure, but in the meantime, I'm just going to stare continuously (at the risk of losing my eyesight!) at pictures that I've collected as inspiration. Here are some of them, I am loving the salon style layouts.

via Roseland Greene

via Domino Magazine

via Isabella & Max Rooms

via ill seen, ill said

via House Beautiful



ks said...

these are great! i'll send you mine once your paintings arrive :D <3

Shreya said...

I know, I thought of you when writing this post! :)