Friday, September 3, 2010

Not quite shelf reliant

We just bought a new bookshelf for our bedroom, and I'm struggling with the styling of it (On a side note, I thought I'd surprise R and assemble it by myself while he was out - long story short, Bookshelf - 1, Shreya - 0 and I hate the Allen wrench & all the Cap Screws in the world.) But back to the point, the shelf in our bedroom has all the rejected books that didn't make it to the living room and has to also serve the purpose of storage along with style - tougher that you would think. This is what I'm working with (I was pretty mad at the book case so didn't want to give it any unnecessary attention, hence the terrible pic - its one of those that can be placed both vertically as well as horizontally - will be placing it down horizontally)

via Overstock
I've been looking at some inspiration photos of bookshelves online and want some nice but not super expensive storage options within some of the shelves... I also want to be the person who lives in this first photograph.

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Color coding books (called Color blocking) seemed a little much to me earlier, but I just tried it last evening on a couple of shelves and it wasn't too bad. Evidently, by doing so, it is easier on our over processed eyes causing us less headaches.

Will hopefully come with something that isn't a complete eye sore!


ks said...

i heart the title :)
and room # 1, so tranquil.
i "blech!" the color coding ;).
oh your blog makes me wish i had a creative little apartment too :)

Shreya said...

You will soon enough! Your little room is bursting with creativity :)