Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Anniversary marked by Paper (Part II)

I should have rethought my blog posting strategy and written about my gifts first, because now they pale in comparison to the holiday Rohit organized for us!

Anyway :) for our first anniversary, I wrote a tiny poem encapsulating our first year together. I thought it would be interesting to look back at the year gone by and I plan to do it every year but with Rohit's help next year on. The idea came partly from my dad's 60th birthday where my sister, mom and I wrote a poem for each of his six decades and made a scrapbook for him. This wasn't his only gift (just in case you are wondering!) but I think this one was the most meaningful.

Back to the point, often in our relationship, I keep writing silly rhymes to Rohit (sometimes he will humor me and return the favor!); in fact, in order to respond to Rohit's proposal, I couldn't just give him a simple yes, instead I made him sweat a little just so that I could create this crazy treasure hunt with each of the clues in poetry leading to the "treasure" which was a 'Yes' :D Why yes, I am fully aware, cheesy is my middle name.

So here's the poem for our 1st Anniversary -

A proposal on the stairs; a wedding in the sun;
Our honeymoon in Italy, could not be outdone.
Chicago, Pittsburgh and Washington, our first home in the big apple;
A job gained, a promotion earned; year one was a lot to grapple!

An election was won in London and another lost in DC;
Our hearts went out to Lech, Chile, Indonesia and Haiti.
Spain wins the cup, Curling at the Olympics, Commonwealth in Delhi;
33 are rescued; Hurray and good cheer, Suu Kyi 's Free!

An anniversary in Puerto Rico, marked by paper
Away from the noise and bustle of the city of scraper(s)
As a new year begins, what will be will be;
We'll be fine, of this I am certain, as long as you do the laundry!

I also did the completely obvious thing and got us a copy of the New York Times front page from our wedding day, I thought it would be nice to look back at the headlines that were.
The NYT from 27th Nov 2009
Lastly, to round up the "Paper" anniversary, I got us an original etching by an artist in Puerto Rico of a garita.

Etching of a Garita at El Morro 

p.s. I apologize for the terrible pics, will replace them later - I misplaced my camera's battery charger.


ks said...

"city of scraper(s)"!! eeeee! love <3! happy anniversary!

ks said...

whats a garita? i like the etching and the photograph of the city from el morro (?) is really wonderful :).

Shreya said...

Thank you!
A Garita is what they call the sentry box at El Morro!