Sunday, February 20, 2011

February's Recipe

February's Recipe Scallion Pancakes
On Friday night Rohit and I had these at a Thai Restaurant in Chelsea and I just had to try making them at home; there are a ton of recipes online, but I used this one from the Food Network. 

2 cups of flour
1 cup of hot water (easier for mixing)
1/2 cup of slices scallions
1/2 cup of Canola Oil (or vegetable oil)
Salt and Black pepper
1 tbps sesame oil


1. In a bowl, sift flour and slowly add the hot water while mixing with a wooden spoon. Keep adding water until a firm ball is formed (You could use a food processor as well). Let the ball of dough sit for a bit and keep it covered with a damp cloth.

2. On a floured surface roll out the dough into a thin circle. Brush on some Canola and sesame oil.

3. In  a bowl mix the scallions with some salt and pepper and cover the surface of the dough and re roll the dough into a cake-like shape.

4. Cut the pie into 4 pieces and roll out and flatten to achieve a pancake shape.

5. Coat a hot non stick pan with Canola oil and pan sear both sides of the 'pancake' until golden brown.
ummm awkward silence ... this is about where I realized my camera battery died and I couldn't get more pics despite having promised to have better pics in my Jan's recipe post, but I AM getting better - right? right? maybe? sorta? 
Anyway ... last step! 

6. Cut into wedges and serve hot!

SO good!


ks said...

looks yummers. what does it go with?

Shreya said...

This peanut sauce that I did not make! It's just a starter ... but a heavy starter :)