Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Year in Photographs: Days 44-49

Rohit and I had one of the busiest weeks ever with a lot of late hours and travelling for work; when I do stay overnight I always pick up a set of the little toiletries - I absolutely love them in a strange never-want-to-really-use-them-just-look-at-them way! I know, I'm kind of an odd ball :)

Valentines day was one of the worst Rohit and I have ever had - we both left the home really early and only reached home after 10 at night after long exhausting days at work so in lieu of big plans for a candle light dinner and a home cooked meal this is a pic of some lovely lavender scented candles that a friend (R) gave us some months ago. (We did however postpone the celebration and romantic dinner to the weekend!) 

My Valentines day gift from Rohit! It's the new Kindle - I LOVE it! I usually think of my self as the hard copy book person, I love the NYPL and Strand but I have taken to the Kindle like a fish to water.

"Anyone who lives within their means, suffers from a lack of imagination" (!) Oscar Wilde
Typewriters always remind me of my grandfather - I would love to own one of these old gorgeous pieces. 

One of the walks in the City Walks pack is the High Line. I cannot fathom why Rohit and I haven't been there before. Despite it being a cold and windy evening, we had a lovely walk on Friday followed by dinner at a little Thai place near by. 


ks said...

that kindle's lookin' sharp :D.

Shreya said...

loves it.