Monday, November 21, 2011

Peru - Machu Picchu

After our amazing train journey, we arrived in Cuzco late Monday evening. The city is lovely, all cobbled stones, old buildings and friendly people. We drove down to our hotel in Urubamba, Tambo del Inka. If you are planning a vacation to Peru, I couldn't recommend this hotel more - it was perfect in everyway.

Early next morning, we left for Aguas Calientes by train, the closest access point to Machu Picchu. The town in itself is small and sweet but entirely centered around its tourism industry - which is understandable and unfortunate all at the same time.

My corniness astounds me. The Hotel had its own private train station which was super convenient.
We then took the bus up to Machu Picchu and then hiked up the Machu Picchu Mountain (Cerro Machu Picchu) which the ruins were named after. I believe it is roughly 4000m (I could be wrong) I do know that it is about twice the height of its younger, more popular neighbor Huyana Picchu. It was slightly steep but far less crowded which we preferred. I cannot however even begin to decribe the amazing feeling once we got to the top.

Our lovely guide Aide

At the start of the hike

The tattered gorgeous flag at the summit

All smiles :)
We spent the evening at the ruins and were back early next morning - I truly couldn't get enough of the place. It is situated in the lap of these mountains and the air feels so pure and every where you look its just breathtakingly beautiful.


Me and an oblivious llama!

Templo de las tres Ventanas

The guards hut

Happy :)


Calvin said...

Absolutely lovely more place added to 'must visit' list...

Shreya said...

Thanks! I HIGHLY recommend adding it to your list :)